You can see the dramatic differences, again and again, in these Before & After photos.
*Photos are results after 4 weeks of using Slim Belly. Individual results will vary.

Before and Afters


“I love it. I didn’t think a simple product like this would change my life.”

Aliya K.

“This is the biggest satisfaction I’ve ever had
working out.”

Diane B.

“I cancelled my liposuction and full mommy makeover!”

Denise K.

“I recommend it to a lot of my clients.”

Andrea H. - Personal Trainer.


6.5 inches lost

It Works! It Really, Really Works!

“In one month I lost 1 1/2 inches above my belly button and 5 inches below my belly button using the Slim Belly. I’ve recommended it to friends and my 77-year-old mother is using one now too!”

Karen R.

6 inches lost

I have always practiced good nutrition and exercise...

“Once I hit my 50‘s, I was unable to budge those extra inches of belly fat. With Slim Belly in just five weeks of brisk walking in my neighborhood I lost three inches above and below my belly button! Slim Belly is my new best friend and my husband has his own now too!! So we are exercising together and looking forward soon to a beach vacation in our swimsuits!”

Megan C.

3 inches lost

Now wait a minute! This is only for young people...

“Older people really can‘t lose fat! This was my first thought about Slim Belly. Eventually, I signed up for the program. The results were fantastic: three inches off my waistline and one dress size smaller. You can see the results for yourself. Slim Belly also helps mature women like me to get their spring figure back!”

Ilona H.

3 inches lost

I started an intensive training program...

About one year ago in order to finally lose weight. At the time, I didn‘t know about Slim Belly and Slim Legs. I was really proud of myself for taking seven inches off my waistline in 12 months. But my real success came when they introduced the Slim Belly System in our health club and my personal trainer tipped me off to the Airpressure Bodyforming System. I managed to take off an additional three inches around my waist - in just four weeks! I‘ve been an enthusiastic Slim Belly fan ever since! My gym then offered Slim Legs, and I was immediately excited about the new program. My results: three inches off my hips and one and one-half inches smaller around my thighs Outstanding! I‘m now a dress size smaller too! I was really surprised at how easy it was to do the training program and stick to the nutrition program.”

Veronika G.


Not only can I SEE the difference, I feel it.

“I am so excited STILL about my Slim Belly System and I intend to keep on using it until the belt doesn’t fit anymore, and then once it doesn’t, I’m going to order the smaller size belt....and keep on using it. I love this thing.”

Amy Ditmore

I can’t believe how well Slim Belly works!

“This belt has become an essential part of my workout gear over the last month I didn’t change anything but wore my Slim Belly. No diet. No extra trips to the gym. Just a belt! I can’t believe how well Slim Belly works! I can tell that my pants are fitting different.”

Erin Curtis

I could definitely feel the increased circulation.

“4 weeks after starting I took measurements (half thinking nothing would really show). To my surprise, I had gone down in both stomach areas. I am not a larger person but I will admit that my stomach area is my enemy. After my first time, I could definitely feel the increased circulation. HECK, I could see it!”

Adria Ali

I only wish I had found this project sooner!

“I know that I can depend on Slim Belly to give me consistent results now. I only wish I had found this project sooner! I could have been looking great way back then! All moms deserve to look and feel great! This is an affordable option that makes it easy to do nearly anywhere and at any time! I highly recommend it!”

Whitney Trowbridge


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