To be eligible for our One (1) Year Warranty Policy, all Slim Belly Products are for sale and distribution in North America only.  In no event shall we be held liable to uphold our Warranty or offer assistance if our product was exported; this also includes any damages or malfunctions of our product resulting from exportation, use, or misuse outside of the United States or Canada.


One (1) Year Warranty Policy

We stand behind all the products we sell and your satisfaction is our top priority. All Slim Belly products purchased directly through this site come with a one (1) year limited warranty covering defects in material and workmanship. To minimize shipping costs and to assure that no parts are lost, please be sure to ship only the defective part and not any other parts of your unit.

As soon as we receive your unit and determine that: (1) it is defective; and (2) it has not been abused or misused in any way, we will ship you a replacement unit. Note that your replacement may be a refurbished unit or may be a new unit, at our discretion. Click here if you are encountering issues with your Slim Belly.

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