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Europe's Award-Winning Alternative to Fat Reduction Procedures

Slim Belly is a revolutionary exercise tool that enables people to burn fat more efficiently in the places they really want to lose it. Slim Belly has helped over 800,000 men and women lose an average of 3 inches from their waists (measured in 2 places) in 4 weeks—thanks to its patented Airpressure Bodyforming Technology which helps metabolize hard-to-lose fat.

Up until now, Slim Belly has been found exclusively in over 1,000 gyms throughout Europe. But now, Slim Belly is available for purchase by all men and women residing in North America.

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Meet the face behind Slim Belly System North America

My name is Molly Napolitano and I am the President of Slim Belly System North America. 

My husband and I have both been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years. When my husband first saw the Slim Belly in action at a gym in Italy, he knew I would find it interesting since my philosophy has always been that small changes can make a big difference. 
However, I was extremely skeptical of a product that, first of all, had the name Slim Belly and secondly, was a product that you wrap around your waist. 


I started calling health club owners around Europe to find out what they thought about the Slim Belly System. Every single club owner said they loved the program and that it made their members very happy since they were getting visible and measurable results in 4 weeks.


We decided to run two trials (one at a women’s-only gym in Washington, DC and one at a co-ed gym in Philadelphia) to see if we would get the same results as they did in the gyms in Europe -- AND WE DID! The average user lost 1 ½” above the belly button and 1 ½” below the belly button, by exercising with Slim Belly System during cardiovascular exercise three times a week for four weeks. 


After learning the results from the trials and getting to meet the participants, we were finally ready to share the fitness secret that Europeans have been hiding from us, Slim Belly System!


Company Timeline

Company Timeline

2006 – ABC-one GmbH founded

2007 – Research & Development

2008 – Slim Belly is introduced in 25 fitness club throughout Austria

April 2009 – Slim Belly expands into more than 100 gyms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

March 2010 – Slim Belly goes European! Slim Belly programs are offered in more than 500 fitness clubs in 7 countries

December 2010 – Scientific Study documents up to 8 times greater fat loss in abdominal region when using Slim Belly

April 2011 – Greinwalder & Partner acquire Slim Belly and form "Airpressure Bodyforming GmbH"

2011 – EU Patent Registration

Jan 2012 – Over 500,000 Slim Belly users to date

Sept 2012 – Slim Belly programs are offered in over 1,000 fitness clubs in 16 countries throughout Europe—with over 600,000 users

Feb 2013 – The new portable Slim Belly 2.0 units begin replacing the version 1.0 Slim Belly systems

Aug 2013 – Black Dog Partners official launch of Slim Belly in the United States & Canada

Feb 2014 – Featured at Los Angeles for the 2014 Zumba® Instructor Conference

May 2014 – Zumba Zin Instructors Reseller Website was officially launched


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